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Water is one of the essential “needs” for human survival. It is so vastly important to humans that civilizations are formed around natural water sources. We powerfully and mysteriously attracted to, and fascinated by its movement, visual beauty, sound, smell and cooling affect. We desire to re-create this power for ourselves. Thus water becomes the main feature in the quest for an awesome outdoor experience.

The options for Optima Pools to design and build this water oasis are vast. Our designers expertly hone in on what the site allows us to re-create to transform your outdoor space to quench this need. Let Optima Pools design this for your family’s vitality!

Our Mission

We are deeply committed to collaboration in the design process and ensuring that all of your needs and desires are met. Completing your project diligently & within a timely manner with be our top priority.

Unique attention to detail

As a local business, we provide our utmost attention when it comes to designing your pool. Offering you customized amenities, quality design and craftsmanship, constant communication, and customer satisfaction. Our process in building your outdoor living area is as unique as each one of our clients.

Choose from many features

Let us create an outdoor space that perfectly fits your unique lifestyle. Because everyone’s backyard dream is different, so is every property site condition. Don't worry, we can account for both, by using innovative and creative design & construction techniques we take your needs into account when designing and constructing your personalized custom resort.

Special features for your custom pool can include spas, water features, stone work, shade structures, pool houses, landscaping, and remodeling.